Project Designation: PROMOS – Prediction and optimization of advertising campaigns for mobile devices

Reference: NORTH-01-0247-FEDER-017497

Main Objective: Strengthen research, technological development and innovation

Funding: Co-Promotion R&D Project , Aviso 33/SI/2015 – I&DT Empresarial, funded by Portugal 2020/Adi – Innovation Agency


Co-promoter Entity: UNIVERSITY OF MINHO

Investment: 730,163.82 EUR

Eligible: 721,888.81 EUR

Non Repayable Subsidy: 564,610.22 EUR

Duration: December 2016 – November 2018






Project Description:

This project involves the area of Mobile Performance Marketing. In particular it addresses products advertized on mobile devices (e.g. smartphones, tablets). This is a growing marketing area due to the evolution of the Internet and mobile market. In this marketing domain, the advertiser only pays when there are customers acquired and measurable results (e.g. Cost Per Acquisition – CPA).

The consortium includes OLAMOBILE PORTUGAL, SOCIEDADE UNIPESSOAL LDA and the University of MINHO. This project has the financial support of the European Union, through the Regional operational programme of the North and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

In this project, we will research and developed a new automatic algorithm for the Prediction and optimization of advertising campaigns for mobile devices (PROMOS). The goal is to predict the best mobile product to show the end user, in order to optimize the interests of agents involved in the business: OLAmobile (main project partner), advertisers, webmasters and mobile content creators and users.

The algorithm will be studied (investigated, developed and tested) in a laboratory (Technology Readiness Level – TRL 4) at Universidade do Minho (UMinho), being based on a self-learning process from data provided by OLAmobile and with features of high volume and speed (big data streams).

As interesting results arise from the University side, the algorithm will be adapted and implemented to OLAmobile technology, in order to get a validation in an industrial environment (TRL 5). When the prototype of the algorithm is complete, it will be put into operation (TRL 7), in order to have a new technology for use by OLAmobile. Moreover, several results are expected (e.g. doctoral and masters thesis, Web site, publication of scientific articles), which will be widely disseminated (e.g. Web, social networks, social media).